Getting A VA Home Loan

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Qualifying For a VA Mortgage Loan

Getting a VA home loan isn’t for everyone. As mentioned in the name, this loan is granted only to veterans. To be perfectly clear, below is the list of eligibilities:

  • Borrower must have served 90 successive days or active service over wartime.
  • Borrower must have delivered 181 days of operating service over peacetime.
  • Borrower must have more than 6 years of rendered service in the National Guard or Reserves.
  • Borrower must be a spouse of a military personnel who have died over war or has died as an outcome of a service-caused disability.

What’s amazing about the deals present in the VA home loan program is that it allows any of its qualified borrowers to acquire a home without breaking the bank. You see, next to the USDA home loan, Veterans Affairs is the only program that does not let its borrowers put in upfront deposits. Zero dollars is needed for a down payment. This means that anybody who is allowed access to these loans can buy a house without needing to come up with 5% or 20% of a home’s sum in immediacy. What makes this arrangement even more conducive is that one will not need to pay for a mortgage insurance at all. Whereas Federal Housing Administration loans will oblige a debtor to pay for one for the entire life of a loan, a VA loan will not. What’s more, closing costs don’t need to be financially resolved on the onset. A borrower may choose to pay for this cost in regular durations, as with mortgage payments.

VA Home Loan Rates

VA loans have considerably really lower rates when stacked against other loans in the market today. To add a little context, this program was initiated in 1944 to accommodate military members in their expeditions to home-purchasing. In earlier years—until now, quite technically—people whose credit scores were tagged commercially low were not extended loans by banks under the logical understanding that these people could not afford to keep up with payments and therefore default at some point. Because many members of the armed forces were also affected, the VA was created to augment the country’s fighters in their way to home equity.

Despite awesome perks and privileges prevalent in a loan program such as this, veterans are not entirely freed from particular payments. A Veterans Funding Fee will have to be shelled out every now and then. The price of this fee is determined by how one is eligible. Meaning to say, whatever’s enabled an applicant a VA loan grant helps in setting how much he or she will have to pay for regularly. However, a veteran who now lives with a disability because of wartime service can forgo a funding fee completely. The same philosophy covers documents. Each borrower will not have the same paperwork to comply. Those who’ve made the cut under the first category on the list of eligibilities will not have the same paperwork to be submitted with people whose qualifications lie on the second, third, or fourth categories.

VA Home Loan Limits

The limits to how much every borrower can be lent will also vary. County limits are majorly integral factors that have to be considered. In most counties in America today, the limit is in the $400,000 price point more or less. While the ceiling can be pushed much, much father to $600,000 more or less in high-cost counties. In the event that a borrower would like to make cheaper his or her funding fee, a debtor may opt to fork out a down payment.

Furthermore, VA home loans are backed up by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Similar to FHA loans, the federal government serves as a guarantor to the borrowers who get their loan money from private lenders. Typically, for one to be granted a VA loan, an applicant should still find a lending firm or bank willing to assist him or her in his road to home acquisition. The VA’s only involvement is in guaranteeing the loan against default by the veteran.

Although there is no required FICO mark under a VA loan, a debtor should still exert extra effort in being able to prove that they can afford to buy a house. This validation helps assure a lender to work with them. For more advice on how to score the lowest possible deals on veterans administration home loan, visit the website.

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